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Salty Caramel - Refill 50g

Salty Caramel - Refill 50g


Salty Caramel is a bold, sweet and rich oolong tea that is loved by everyone. It is a great choice for desserts, and goes well for the afternoon tea choice, both as a company for salty and savoury treats. It is a great way to treat yourself to something special, or just letting out that sweet craving in a healthy way. This Oolong tea is naturally flavoured with vanilla and caramel.

The color is light golden and leaves a sweet aftertaste without the use of any sugar. This is a great treat or gift for those who likes sweet things like cakes or chocolate but also like to keep in shape.

Two gram per serving and leaves that are re-brewable up to five times allows for up to 125 servings per refill.

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Oolong tea is a traditional tea used in Chinese medicin to promote metabolism.

Brew without tea bag
Use one teaspoon per two deciliters of hot water 80 - 90 degrees celsius and let steep for two to three minutes.

Carefully selected premium tea leaves hand-picked in the Fujian Province of China.

Re-brew tip
Re-brew up to five times, add another minute to each steep time.