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Fancy Formosa - Refill 50g

Fancy Formosa - Refill 50g


Fancy Formosa is a flowery oolong tea that tastes like beginning of summer. It like drinking those first rays of sun lightly warming your chin while sensing a freshly watered bush or tree of flowers. This superior grade tea comes originally from Taiwan but has spread around in Asia and has now made its way to Europe.

The color is bright green and has a flowery fresh taste. It is a great choice for making refreshing ice-tea. This is a great tea for people who are used to drink black flowery teas and it is a popular choice for all tea drinkers.

Two gram per serving and leaves that are re-brewable up to five times allows for up to 125 servings per refill.

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Oolong tea is a traditional tea used in Chinese medicin to promote metabolism.

Brew without tea bag
Use one teaspoon per two deciliters of hot water 80 - 90 degrees celsius and let steep for two to three minutes.

Carefully selected premium tea leaves hand-picked in the Fujian Province of China.

Re-brew tip
Re-brew up to five times, add another minute to each steep time.