Zenmaia Organic Tea

Our Story



Making the world a greener place, cup by cup.


A closely guarded secret, … in Europe

Oolong tea is well known in China and has been ever since the Tang Dynasty but has remained a secret in Europe until now. The legend has it that a man named Wu Liang (or as we say today, Oolong) was working in his field when he got distracted by a deer. When he returned to the tea it had already started to oxidize. This lucky accident is what gives the tea its unique characteristics that we enjoy today. The Zenmaia teas are carefully selected, hand-picked and flavoured by the Zenmaia team.

A world without disposable plastic

The evergrowing use of plastic is a huge issue in the world today and our way of consuming has a dramatic impact on our planet. We will never use any plastics in our products or packaging. Traditional tea bags contains plenty of plastics and are not biodegradable as one might think. Nowadays many tea bags also contains toxic chemicals which is a frightening development Reports show that the amount of plastic waste from tea bags are 1000 times larger than from plastic straws. Cut the plastic, cut the toxics, cut the tea bag and go Zenmaia.



Not just changing the way we drink our tea

We do not just want to change the way that we drink our tea but how we live our lives. Before Zenmaia, people were drinking tea in an old way, harming the planet without realizing it. In the western world, tea was tea. Most often trapped in a teabag filled with harm. Not great indeed. Then, a daughter together with her grandma and her dad - all of them earth enthusiasts, decided to change the world of tea forever. Zenmaia was born, inspired by Zen philosophy, with a mission to make people conscious of their consumption