Zenmaia Organic Tea

Meet our founder



Born as refugee and rasied by Soviet immigrants, Anna was early on exposed to changing environments and status-quo challanges.

Anna spent most of her childhood playing the violin, but decided to pursue a corporate career in search of “more impact”.

After graduating business school, she travelled a few years experminenting what the corporate world had to offer. Starting her career as a banker in London and then as a global management consultant she did not feel truly at home among formal suits and company politics.

Her childhood friend suddently passed away. This tragedy made her reflect on what a blessing life is and how to not take it for granted.

She felt the need to work with impact beyond financial improvements and decided to apply her knowledge of change management on a topic that needs urgent impact right here right now - change in consumption behavior.

In her own words:

I want people to pause for a cup and reflect on their mind, body & soul and every day take small steps to embrace positive change.

That is why I founded ZENMAIA - to help you make conscious decisions about your time on earth and be happy in the moment.

With love,
Anna Moroz

Zenmaia Founder