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Zenmaia - Organic Blue Tea

Welcome to Zenmaia! Discover our new delicious organic blue tea. No chemicals, only perfect taste of nature.

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Zenmaias journey started in early 2019 with the mission to revolutionise the European tea market. By introducing a whole new type of tea, Blue Tea, we hope to establish a healthier and more sustainable choice for European tea lovers.

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Blue Tea is combining the best qualities of both black and green tea. Blue tea is made from the same leaves as green and black tea but has gone through a different oxidize process. This special treatment gives the Blue Tea a unique and all natural taste and has a positive impact on your overall health.

Zenmaias Blue Tea is 100% organic and contains only pure natural ingredients. The teas high quality lets you brew and re-brew up to five times and no tea bag or strainer is needed.


I am amazed that I can leave the tea leaves in the cup without getting a bitter taste. I drink Fancy Formosa which is also great served cold.
— Tomas N.
Tea for the whole day! I love the sweet and smooth taste of its leaves. It isn’t comparable to any other tea!
— Jim R.
This tea is a cozy hug. You can drink it throughout the whole day as it both relaxes and energizes your body and mind.
— Emily Y.