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Several legends play around the tea birth, and as everyone knows, legends are born from some sort of truth. I’ll give you the choice to pick the one that for you is more reliable. Here you have some of them.


According to a Chinese legend, the tea birth dates to the Shen Nung empire, also known as “5 cereals emperor”. He is responsible for the agriculture introduction in China. Thanks to him his people did not need to hunt killing animals anymore. It’s stated that he also tried to study some medical herbs, becoming the father of ancient medicine.
He was a hygiene maniac and because of that he just drank boiled water.
The legend says that one day, he sat at the feet of a wild tea tree drinking boiled water, a small leaf fall, right into his cup. Feeling curious, he tried the new drink and he immediately felt great energy spreading all over his body.

He then decided to spread this new beverage to his servants. Tea was born!


According to another legend, this time an Indian one, tea was discovered by King Kosjuwo’ son.

He was sent to China in order to reach Wei kingdom. He became very spiritual, preaching Buddhism, practicing meditation for the freedom of his soul. For this reason, he tried to separate himself from all material goods and even from sleeping.

As it can be expectable, he failed in his attempt, falling asleep after 3 years of awakeness. When he finally woke up he was so mad to himself that he cut his eyelids, throwing them in a bush.

The legend narrates that after some years from that bush a new tea tree was born, with the amazing property of keeping whoever eats them awake for a long period of time.

And, once again, tea was born! A really interesting fact stands in the preparation method. Tea leaves were smashed in a pot with other spices, salt, and even onions, as it was a kind of soup.

However is still unknown the reason why in the UK, it’s a habit to put milk in teacups, and even more hidden the end of using lemon by Westerners.

Anna Moroz