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The EU has voted for the ban of disposable products made of plastic. This ban will enter into force in 2021 and will include: cutlery, plates, balloon's sticks, cotton bud, and straws.

Those products are responsible for 85% of plastic pollution all over the world! They reach oceans, beaches, forests and what’s more, because of microplastic dispersion, those particles reach our food, our air, and our water.

There are vast sea surfaces covered with plastic waste that have a huge impact on sea living beings and us too!


Finally, it seems that this problem is being taken seriously also by EU governments.

We have to start somewhere in cutting down our plastic waste, and, why not, get started with plastic straws. Let’s face that. According to statistics, every day 1 billion plastic straws are used worldwide (half of which are just from the USA).


The solution seems to be reusable metal straws or even bamboo straws.
This ban does not include plastic fishing nets, responsible for 25% of sea pollution, however, producers will be required to cover part of the costs of nets collection on beaches.

According to Bruxelles, this directive will avoid the emission of 3,4 thousands of tons of CO2 and environmental damages that equals a cost of 22 billions of euros and, last but not least, it will make the consumer save 6,5 billions of euros.

The next step will be on the reduction of plastic packaging...hope it will be discussed soon!

Anna Moroz