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After a lot of talk about plastic, here you are 11 super easy tips to reduce your daily plastic usage. Start from today and you will make a huge difference for our planet!

1. Get rid of plastic bags - while making your shopping list remember to bring your own cloth bag and reusable ones


2. Stop using plastic straws - opt for aluminum or bamboo ones. Get your children used to these 2 alternatives;

3. Go for “on tap” or recyclable detergents - all those packagings are completely useless and dangerously harmful for our planet. Take one and refill it;


4. Opt for loose fruits and veggies - remember that all those excess of packaging is an additional expense for the consumer;

5. Give up on your chewing gum - I know this one may sound a little bit “difficult” to put into practice but giving up on chewing gum is a little thing that will save a lot of plastic (and what’s more it’s a tip for your health too);

6. Reuse your glass containers;

7. Go for reusable water bottles - plastic bottles are one of the most common plastic waste that we produce every day. Choose aluminum or reusable ones, it will also save you both money and time;

8. Reduce frozen products - it’s absolutely true, they’re so handy and convenient: when you come back from work, and it’s late you just have to heat them up and your dinner is ready in 5 mins. However, another truth is that frozen products are on the top 10 products that heavily contribute to plastic pollution. Furthermore, buying fresh food is a healthier choice also for your body;

9. Stop using single-plastic products - plastic plates, glasses, and cutlery are responsible for 99% of plastic waste. Another real issue with them is that they can break into micro-plastic which are often mistaken as food ending up in animals’ gut and, therefore, in our plates too;

10. Avoid tea bags - go for brands (like Zenmaia) that do not sell their tea using bags. They are extremely polluting products!;

11. Last but not least, of course, recycle your own waste!

Anna Moroz